Photobooth Soft Support

Support for PB Pro is 9-5 Working Days.

Our Staff are all trained on the software and have worked in the Photo Booth industry for over 3 years (covering every aspect of the industry).

We can help you get started with Training if you require or just help you out on setup.

If you require some training on the software please let us know, we want you to fully utilise the PB Pro software and many cases the online help will give you everything you need. However if you want us to go through the software with you or a specific area of it just let us know and we can organise to connect up with your machine (using TeamViewer available at for us to remote in and Skype available at for us to talk to you, Headphones are required for Skype).

Team Viewer allows 24/7 remote access support available for your PB Pro photo booth software. We can dial in and assist wherever you are in the world.

What do I need to allow team viewer?